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The GeoDASH Homepage ( offers a few options to start navigating the system. There are five main links at the top of the homepage: Layers, Maps, Documents, Organization and News. These links are permanent, allowing you to easily navigate between different interfaces without necessarily returning to the homepage. Also, you can view and access GeoDASH facilities and activities in the different section. For example -

  • From How it Work section, you can Register, Upload layers and Create a map to publish.
  • From Featured Layers section you can see some special layers made by different organizations.
  • From Latest news and updates section you can see news headings with a short description and Recent activities.

You can also see the highlighted features of GeoDASH and what GeoDASH offers for you.

Some screenshots of different sections of home page are given below.

Slider Section

Slider Section contains following slides which comes one after another. You can view the next/previous slides by click on next/previous icon.

Slide 12016-08-29 165353.jpg Slide 22016-08-29 165420.jpg Slide 32016-08-29 165446.jpg
Slide 42016-08-29 165517.jpg Slide 52016-08-29 165543.jpg

How It Works Section

2016-08-29 170641.jpg

This section is for unregistered users to inspire Registration for uploading layer and creating map.

Featured Layers Section

2016-08-29 172844.jpg

Featured Layers section contains some special layers made by different organizations.

Latest News and Updates Section

2016-08-29 173901.jpg

Latest news and updates section contain latest news headings with short description and Recent activities.

Feature Highlights of GeoDASH Section

Import your own layers2016-08-29 174538.jpg Interoperability
2016-08-29 174737.jpg
Make pretty maps with GeoDASH2016-08-29 174815.jpg View your maps in 3d2016-08-29 174847.jpg
What GeoDASH offer ? 2016-08-29 174928.jpg Share your map2016-08-29 180512.jpg