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Navigate to Member Workspace

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  • Member Workspace is the previous steps to publish your Layers/Maps/Documents.
  • Each registered user will get Member Workspace option.
  • If you are a registered user, log in with your credentials.
  • Then click user icon to get user menu list.
  • Then click Member Workspace option from the list.

Member Workspace Functionalities

  • In Member Workspace page you will get 3 options.
1. Layers
2. Maps
3. Documents
  • Each Option has 4 sub-options
a) Draft
b) Pending
c) Denied
d) Active

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Draft Layers/Maps/Documents

  • Draft tab contains the list of Layers/Maps/Documents that user wants to publish.
  • From here user can Continue for Approval or Delete his/her Layers/Maps/Documents.
  • If you click Continue for Approval then you will navigate to Layers/Maps/Documents detail page.
  • From detail page you need to click Push for Approval Layers/Maps/Documents button.


  • You can view your published Layers/Maps/Documents under Pending tab until the System Admin or Organization Admin accept it.
  • See HERE how a Admin accept/denied request.


  • If your Layers/Maps/Documents are accepted by the respective Admin then those Layers/Maps/Documents are viewd under Active tab.


  • If your Layers/Maps/Documents are denied by the respective Admin then those Layers/Maps/Documents are viewed under Denied tab.
  • From here you can view the comments and edit your Layers/Maps/Documents and republish it.