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Navigate to Explore Organizations Page

2016-11-02 141438.jpg

  • Click ORGANIZATIONS option from top of the page then click Explore Organizations

2016-11-02 141538.jpg


  • Click Organizations link from bottom of the slider section.

Tile View of Organisations

  • Click Tile View icon to see the organizations in tile view.

2016-11-02 141634.jpg

List View of Organizations

  • Click List View icon to see the organizations in list view.

2016-11-02 141823.jpg

Sorting of Organizations

2016-08-31 133720.jpg

  • You can sort the organizations by selecting any option from the drop down.
  • Options are -
> Most recent
> Less recent
> A-Z
> Z-A
> Most Popular

Organization Box

2016-08-31 134116.jpg

  • A Organization box contains followings.
1. Organization Logo
2. Organization Name
3. No. of Member
4. No. of Manager