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Navigate to Explore Layers Page

2016-10-30 124528.jpg

  • Click LAYERS option from top of the page then click Explore Layers

2016-10-30 124618.jpg


  • Click Layers link from bottom of the slider section.

Tile View of Layers

  • Click Tile View icon to see the layers in tile view.

2016-10-30 184441.jpg

List View of Layers

  • Click List View icon to see the layers in list view.

2016-10-30 184701.jpg

Sorting of Layers

2016-08-29 193514.jpg

  • You can sort the layers by selecting any option from the drop down.
  • Options are -
> Most recent
> Less recent
> A-Z
> Z-A
> Most Popular

Layer Limits

2016-08-30 103457.jpg

  • You can set number of layers view in the page.
  • Current limits are-
> 20
> 40
> 100

Layer Box

2016-10-30 185151.jpg

  • A Layer box contains followings.
1. Map Preview
2. Layer Name
3. Location
4. Abstract
5. Owner/Uploader & no. of comments
6. Publication Date & Rating
7. No. of total view

Multiple Layer Selection to Create New Map

2016-10-30 185506.jpg

  • You can create a new map with the combination of multiple layers.
  • For that you need to select multiple layers by selecting the check box.
  • Then click on Create a Map link from the popup in the right pane.