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Navigate to Create a Map page

2016-11-01 162134.jpg

  • Any user can create new map but only registered user can Publish or Save it.
  • At first Sign In with your valid Username & password.
  • Click MAPS option from menu.
  • Then click Create a New Map.

Map Creating Procedure

Select Base Map

  • You can select a base map from following options:

Being Aerial with Labels2016-09-06 123010.jpg mapbox 2016-09-06 123039.jpg MapQuest Open Street Map2016-09-06 123100.jpg
Open Street Map2016-09-06 123123.jpg No background2016-09-06 123142.jpg

Add Layers

  • Select Add Layers

2016-11-01 162305.jpg

  • You can Add layers from available list

2016-09-06 130849.jpg

  • You can add multiple layer, can disable any layer or remove by right click on a layer.

2016-09-06 132002.jpg

Save/Publish Map

  • Click Map>>Save Map or Click Map>>Publish Map to publish.

2016-11-01 162537.jpg

  • Fill the required filed and click Save link.

2016-09-06 132734.jpg

  • If Published then you will get a url to use this map.

2016-09-06 141317.jpg