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Navigate to Announcements page

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  • Only System Admin can Add Announcements and can edit/update any Announcements.
  • Other users can only see the Announcements at the beginning.
  • If you are the system admin then log in with your credentials.
  • Then click user icon to get user menu list.
  • Then click Announcements option from the list.

Create New Announcements

  • From Announcements page click New Announcements button.

2016-09-20 132030.jpg

2016-09-20 132343.jpg

  • In Create Announcements page you need to provide followings.
1. Title
2. Level
3. Content
4. Dismissal type
5. Publish_start
6. Publish_end
  • Then click Save button.
  • Anyone can view the added Announcements in Homepage like below under the Tooltips.
2016-09-20 132845.jpg

Edit/Delete Announcements

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  • System Admin can Update and Delete any Announcements.
  • From Announcements page click on Announcements Title.
  • Then you can update/delete any existing Announcements Edit Announcements page.